How to Combine Leftover Candles

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You know what’s a bummer? When your candle won’t burn anymore but there’s a ton of wax still in the jar. Turns out, it’s SUPER easy to melt down that wax and make a brand new candle- and really inexpensive too.

The only thing I had to buy for this project was candle wicks, and I got a pack of 50 from Amazon for only $9 (these ones). That’s less than half the cost of just brand new candle. Holler.

how to combine burned candle scraps into a new candle

First things first, you need to get your wax melted. If you have a double boiler you can use that, but I do not so I had to to improvise:

  • Roll up 4 strips of tin foil and place them in a grid (like this: #) on the bottom of a sauce pan
  • Place your old candle on top of the grid, then fill the pan with water and turn the heat to medium
  • As the wax liquifies, you’ll be able to pick out the old wick with tongs so it doesn’t go into your new candle

While your wax is melting place your new wick in an empty glass jar and use a stick or skewer and some tape to center the wick and hold it still. 

  • Once all the wax is in your makeshift double boiler is melted down, pour it slowly into its’ new jar. (edited to add: I used old jars I had laying around- an alfredo sauce jar, a jelly jar, and a roasted red pepper gar. I am a hoarder.)
  • Let each layer solidify before adding a new one
how to melt down old candles and combine them to make new ones - an easy DIY craft project

A few tips:

  • The 3 wick candles were hard to pour out cleanly, so once the wax melted enough I popped it into into a glass measuring cup and finished melting it there, that way I could use the spout when transferring it to the new jar.
  • If you’re layering candle wax, you want the scents to go together. For my larger candle, I layered “snowflake,” “evening air,” and “pine” because they’re al nice outdoorsy smells that’ll blend into each other well.
  • Before throwing out the wick from the old candle, make sure you douse it in water. Because Smokey the Bear says so.
melt down old candles to form new ones - combine and mix candle scents

And that’s it! It’s so easy (and man, my house smells amazing now!). With the remnants from just onethree wick candle, I made 1.5 new ones! Can you believe it?!


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