How to Get Rid of a Chalkboard Wall

mom and daughter in front of a chalkboard wall

Opting for chalkboard paint is a fantastic way to add some excitement to your space. It can be highly useful in offices, kitchens, and especially playrooms.

However, at some point, after your kids have outgrown it, you’re probably going to be looking for ways to bring your walls back to normal.

Removing chalkboard paint from a wall is simpler than you think. Of course, getting rid of that rough black surface won’t be easy with a single coat of some cheap white paint. Still, you could successfully remove chalkboard paint by implementing a few easy tips. Let’s jump right in!

4 Simple Steps for Removing Chalkboard Paint From a Wall

Step 1: Wash It Down

It is essential to wash down your blackboard wall with a wet cloth first. That way, you’ll remove any dirt and residue that would otherwise interfere with the following steps. Make sure the surface is completely dry before moving on to the next step, though.

Step 2: Sand It

You can now make the surface smoother by sanding it. Ultimately, this step will help you get rid of any dirt or rough spots, allowing for a perfectly smooth paint job later on.

Pay close attention to the edges, though. Sometimes, blackboard paint can remain visible on the edges if multiple coats were used during the application.

Step 3: Apply a Primer

Before getting down to business with the paint, prepare your blackboard wall by applying an oil-based primer. Allow it enough time to dry before you apply a second layer.

Make sure that none of the blackboard paint is visible through the primer. In case it is, just add an additional coat and let it dry again.

Step 4: Time to Paint

Once you’re satisfied with the way your primed wall looks, you can finally start painting it. Begin by applying a single coat of paint and letting it dry for around half an hour. Then, repeat this step until you get an even color.

Feel free to apply as many coats as necessary to ensure that the blackboard layer is no longer visible.

My Own Personal Chalkboard Wall of Hell!

how to get rid of a chalkboard wall

I know many of you are still dying to get on the chalkboard wall train, but I am so excited to have hopped off it.

Getting rid of this thing was a beast. First, I used a hammer to rip out the (crooked, unpainted) trim that was installed around it.

Next, I patched a zillion nail holes and wall dents (how did they dent the wall? HOW?!) Then I washed it like crazy and let it dry.

Once it dried, I went at it with a palm sander. Then a sanding block. Then I washed it again. Then I repeated the wash/palm sander/sanding block routine about 4 more times.

Eventually, I gave up on getting rid of all the dust so I just sealed it in with a few thick coats of Zinsser primer.

I was actually really impressed with the whole painting process- the chalkboard is black and our front entrance and landing are white so I thought I’d need a zillion coats.

Instead, I did 2 coats of primer and two coats of paint (White Truffle by Behr) with just a few touch-ups to make things blend easier since I just painted the chalkboard area and not the whole wall all over again.

mom and daughter in front of a chalkboard wall
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