How to Hide Your Pesky Wires!

pesky wires

On Monday I showed you some in progress photos of our movie room, and then on Wednesday Matt popped in to talk to you about our 7 speaker surround sound system and DIY subwoofer isolation pad.

That’s right, SEVEN speakers…. and you thought hiding the cord of a lamp was hard!


In the front of the room we’ve got two tall speakers flanking the tv and one subwoofer right next to it, and those wires are easily scooted under our baseboard and behind our tv stand. However, hiding the wires from our two back speakers and our two sound speakers was a bit trickier. And trickier still…we couldn’t hide them in the walls because the insulation was installed backwards and there wasn’t enough space.

The solution… these awesome, adhesive, paintable wire covers. (And no, I’m not being compensated to tell you that, we just seriously love these things).

wiremold cordmate

Is it completely invisible? Of course not. But it really does a solid job at blending, and anything is better then trailing  wires from the very back of a room to the very front of it.

The packs also come with corner elbows and T-shaped fittings so you can get around tricky areas, like giant beams that span the length of your ceiling:

movie posters on the wall

Overall, I absolutely think these are a lifesaver. It’s Matt’s room and it looks just how he wants it to… but let’s face it- left to his own devices they’re probably wouldn’t be a gallery wall of framed posters, concealed wires, and a plush  comfy rug.

You can definitely use these to hide lamp cords, tv wires (especially if you have a mounted tv!), speaker wires, etc.

So tell me, what are your wire hiding secrets?

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