How to Take Apart an Above Ground Pool

Sadly, our pool is now gone. Between the time and money it takes to keep a pool going, it was in our best interest to get rid of it. I posted it on Craigslist and got several responses so off it went!

Here’s some tips on selling something huge like this on Craigslist:

  • I sold it for CHEAP with the stipulation that whoever bought it would take it apart and remove it from the yard on their own
  • I put every bit of information I had: size, age, where purchased, etc.
  • I posted not just pictures of the pool, but the pump and filter as well
  • I allowed people to come look at it before having them make the commitment to buy

Our pool was 7,700 gallons and about 5 years old, we had a ladder and a partial safety gate as well as an alarm system to go with it. Last October we drained it as much as we could to prepare it for winter, and then the day before we sold it we rented a submersible pump from Home Depot to drain it the rest of the way (and we split that costs with the buyers).

Here is a step by step picture gallery of how it was taken apart- please note all these pictures were taken from my bedroom window because I didn’t want to creep out the people working oh so hard to get rid of it:

Our pool was a gross filth mess, and on our own we could only drain it about a foot or two down. The submersible pump took under 4 hours to do its’ job, so I suggest if you live close enough to a store that you only rent it for half a day and not a full day.
The pump came with a 50 foot hose, there’s an option to rent an additional 50 feet but our pool was close enough to the edge of our yard that we didn’t need it. We just ran the hose down under the fence and drained it down the side of our property- which is on a HUGE hill so most of it soaked up before hitting the street.
From start to finish I think it took about 3 hours for this couple to completely take apart the pool- loading it up and taking it away took them 3 trips in a station wagon. You do not need a truck to transport an above ground pool!
The steps are pretty straight forward, you start with the bolts you can see and just work your way around and down. The couple was particular to keep each section together, with the bolts that belonged to it, so they could easily reassemble it at home.
What seemed like the most tedious part was the removal of the bolts that held the whole thing together, which makes sense of course because if this part isn’t sturdy you’re in big trouble.
Luckily this man was smart enough to bring big rain boots with him for when he needs to muck around in the bit that didn’t drain. There were a lot of leaves and grossy things at the bottom of the liner.
There was A LOT of sand underneath the pool and the couple took about half of it away with them. I asked that they leave the pavers so I can use them to create a walkway in our front yard eventually.
So in the end we’ve got a big new open section of the yard, but it’ll take a lot of work to weed, even the land, dig up the weird patio, and get this looking nice. Maybe over the next fall and spring.

Overall I did ZERO labor- not one bit. I did leave water out for them because it was about 90* out, and I creeped from window to window while they worked because it was fascinating, but that’s really all.

Matt’s a bit sad that we don’t have a pool anymore, but I promised him a chair swing and a hammock (someday) so that eased the pain a bit.

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