How to Throw an Awesome Party in 3 Easy Steps

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I am a hostess at heart- basically, I never ever want to leave my house but am happy to have it full of people all the time. I’m a social  hermit, if you will. 🙂 At least a few times a year we have a huge bash centered around a birthday or holiday, and recently we’ve had a few gatherings in regards to our wedding as well, so I thought I’d pop in with super easy tips everyone can get in on to make your party flow a little smoother and a lot more awesomely.

1. Label your food

This is the simplest, most helpful thing ever. Did you know that you can write on tile with a dry erase marker? That might be one of the best things Pinterest ever taught me in my whole life. I bought a dozen tiles for 10 cents each at a Habitat for Humanity Restore, hot glued some felt at the bottom so they wouldn’t be scratchy, and use them at every single party I have.

having booze filled cupcakes helps too 😉

2. Test out a theme of any kind

Maybe it’s just a color, or a look, or maybe it’s an entire Jurassic Park themed party with a map of the park drawn right on your wall and inflatable dinosaurs in the living room. But themes just say HEY! WE WANT TO HAVE A GREAT TIME! Take that tie off and grab a crazy straw! 

Jurassic Park theme
Don’t just throw a surprise party- throw a themed one so you can throw in surprises all night. When hosted a surprise Jurassic Park 30th birthday party for our friend Dawson people dressed up as main characters, we bought inflatable dinosaurs and used dog gates to create exhibits, I turned my chalkboard wall into a map of the park, etc.

3. Set up an activity

Adults love activities too, you know. Especially when you’re mixing groups of friends- it gives everyone common ground and something to talk about right off the bat. Each year for Matt’s birthday we schedule the day to start in the afternoon for anyone who wants to come over for pumpkin picking and carving, then use the jack-o-lanterns to decorate the house for the party that night. For our backyard wedding reception one of our amazingly talented friends created a Nightwing/Batgirl face-in-the-hole for us all to take pictures in, and another friend brought a Polaroid camera so people could have a copy right away. Forget about how old you think you are and just do something ridiculous.

batgirl and nightwing
the couple that fights crime together, stays together.

What do you do to make your house guests feel welcome and excited to be there?


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