A few weeks ago one of my friends messaged me some questions about how to paint furniture, and I offered to just do it for her. She had a few hand-me-down pieces of furniture that didn’t really match her style or each other.

how to unite mismatched furniture

The small chest on the left wasn’t in bad shape- just orangey and kind of country cottage which is not a style my friend liked. The nightstand on the right was in much worse shape, lots of worn peeling wax and stains on it. But, the curves on the sides of the larger one sort of went with the curves on the front of the smaller one and I knew with a little paint and some matching knobs they could almost pass for a set.

decoart americana art chalky finish paint

After removing and spackling the holes where the old knobs were I used my palm sander to to get smooth surfaces on each piece. Normally with chalky paint you don’t need to sand, but there was some peeling and rough texture going on that needed some attention.

I combined to Americana Decor chalky paint colors to get a nice medium gray, then just painted it on in 2 coats (no primer needed with chalky paint). Once painted I left it for a week to cure (even if paint is dry that doesn’t mean it has hardened). Then I added 2 pieces of wax to add to the durability (and advised my friend to let that cure for a week before use too).

Here they are all staged up in my house:

gray painted furniture with chalky paint

Ah! Aren’t they sooo sweet now? I love them, and the gray is matte and lovely.

Matching paint treatments and matching knobs make a huge world of difference.

chalky paint furniture update

What do you think? Any furniture painting in your future, or are you a wood purist?

I’d love to get into working with more wood refinishing, but sometimes things are just too far gone- and that little nightstand was definitely too far gone and then kicked 3 more times.


Thanks for stopping by! Leave any thoughts or questions in the comments!

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