25 Super-Engaging Interactive Books for Kids

Interactive Books for Babies
Best Interactive Books for Toddlers
Best Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Reading is an immeasurably important part of childhood development. Children who are familiar with books are more likely to do well in school later in life. Books also provide a great opportunity for parents to connect with their kids, allowing them to teach important life lessons and talk about different subjects.

Some kids, however, have a lot of trouble getting interested in books. This is especially common among children who are five years old and younger. To help get young children interested in reading, parents can introduce them to interactive books.

These fun books can successfully keep a kid’s attention to help introduce reading to little ones who find listening to books difficult. The following list of 20 super-engaging interactive books for kids is broken down by age group, so parents can find the perfect early-reader interactive books, from birth to preschool.

Interactive Books for Babies

At the baby stage, reading is more about helping little ones by introducing basic vocabulary so that when they start talking, they’ll have a good foundation to build on. These introductory books should get babies familiar with their senses, especially touch, hearing, and sight.

Interactive books for babies should also help them to learn about the world around them by using as many senses as possible. These engaging books will keep the interest of kids aged one and younger while introducing them to the wonderful world of literature.

Peek a Boo Forest

See, Touch, Feel

Peek a WHO?

Just Like the Animals

Pop-Up PeekaBoo Series

My First Soft Book – Pack of 6

Captain Calamari’s Treasure Hunt

The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!

Best Interactive Books for Toddlers

By the toddler stage, children can likely open a book the correct way, hold it right side up, and look at the pictures. Once a parent has read through a book a few times, toddlers will start to associate the pictures and words. They may even have a favorite page in their book that they turn to on their own. This is why interactive books are a great choice at this age. For the first few times, parents can read with children, then children can pick up the book on their own and flip through it.

Where is Baby’s Belly Button?

Press Here

Around the Farm

ABC & 123 Learning Songs

Elmo’s Big Lift and Look Book

Mix it Up

Poke-a-Dot Series

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book Green

Best Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Preschool is when many children will have favorite books, will be able to sit and listen through a whole book, and can start to have conversations about what they’ve been read. Some kids this age will love books, while others show no interest. Interactive books are great for both types of kiddos.

Book-loving little ones will enjoy the fun elements of these books, while those who aren’t crazy about books will gravitate toward these because they are like a mixture of toys and books. The goal at this age is to get kids interested in learning so they will be prepared to go into kindergarten. Interactive books can definitely help to facilitate that goal.

Hear Bear Roar

The Wide-Mouthed Frog

The Color Monster: A Popup Picture Book

Don’t Push the Button

Hide and Seek at the Construction Site

Tap the Magic Tree

123 Count with Me

Hot Dots Jr. Story Book Sets

Make Reading Fun for Kids of All Ages

Using age-appropriate interactive books can help to build a love of reading starting at a baby’s first few months of life. By building this love of books at a young age, as kids grow, they will be more familiar with reading and more likely to choose reading over other activities, like screen time. These interactive books are a terrific way to introduce books to children and keep their interest.

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