Jungle Coloring Pages

From Romulus and Remus to Mowgli and Tarzan, humanity has always been fascinated by the idea of people and animals coexisting in the wild. But even if your kids are a vine swing away from becoming feral, you can still get them to behave. Namely, letting them do some jungle coloring pages for kids might just satisfy their curiosity! Luckily, we have gathered many drawings showing the kinds of animals a young explorer might come across in the wild.

Jungle coloring pages for kids
Safari boy coloring page

Safari Boy Explorer

Safari girl taking pictures

Safari Girl with Camera

Silly ostrich dancing

Silly Dancing Ostrich

Komodo dragon flicking tounge

Sly Komodo Dragon

Smiling leopard coloring page

Smiling Lady Leopard

Armadillo climbing a rock coloring page

Armadillo Climbing Hill

Chameleon on a tree branch coloring page

Cute Chameleon on a Branch

Jungle rabbit coloring page

Elusive Jungle Rabbit

Evil looking hedgehog coloring page

Evil Hedgehog

Mandrill in the jungle coloring page

Mischievous Mandrill

Happy anteater coloring page

Smiling Anteater Looking for Food

Happy baby elephant coloring page

Happy Baby Elephant

Jungle flamingo coloring page

Happy Flamingo Strutting

Happy gazelle in jungle coloring page

Grinning Gazelle Coloring Page

Smiling giraffe coloring page

Happy Prancing Giraffe

Happy hippo grinning

Happy Hippo

Happy hornbill jungle bird

Happy Hornbill Jungle Bird

Happy hyena coloring page

Friendly Hyena Coloring Page

Happy leopard cub coloring page

Happy Leopard Cub Playing

Happy jungle lion coloring page

Happy Jungle Lion

Happy Porcupine coloring page

Happy Porcupine

Happy rhino coloring page

Happy Rhino

Happy scorpion coloring page

Happy Scorpion

Happy snake coloring page

Happy Snake in the Grass

Happy vulture coloring page

Happy Vulture

Happy warthog coloring page

Happy Warthog

Happy water buffalo coloring page

Happy Water Buffalo

Smiling zebra coloring page

Happy Zebra

Proud eagle coloring page

Proud Eagle Coloring Page

Rhinoceros beetle on branch coloring page

Rhinoceros Beetle on Branch

Cute Elephant Spelling Page

Cute Elephant Spelling Page

Cute Giraffe Spelling Page

Cute Giraffe Spelling Page

Cute Hippo Spelling Page

Cute Hippo Spelling Page

Cute Lion Spelling Page

Cute Lion Spelling Page

Cute Monkey Spelling Page

Cute Monkey Spelling Page

Cute Rhino Spelling Page

Cute Rhino Spelling Page

Cute Tiger Spelling Page

Cute Tiger Spelling Page

Zebra Spelling Page

Cute Zebra Spelling Page

Answering the Call of the Wild! How Jungle Coloring Pages Can Teach Kids About Nature

As your kids start coloring their little explorer pages, be sure they’re paying attention to the animals they’re shading, ask them if they know what jungles are.

If the opportunity presents itself, you could cart out an old globe or map. Whatever you have, use it to point out where the majority of jungles on this planet are. Explain which of the animals on the printable pages belong in Asian, African, and South American jungles.

Of course, some of the animals in the pictures technically don’t belong in jungles. For example, lions and rhinos are usually found in African grasslands. But Indian rhinos live in rainforests too — which are somewhat similar ecosystems to jungles.

Now, you’ll have noticed that we’ve included two distinct art styles in the examples above. Generally, we recommend giving more detailed drawings to a kindergartener or preschooler. Older kids will appreciate the intricacies of the silly ostrich, sly komodo dragon, or mischievous mandrill. They’ll probably be amused by the names of those pages, too.

Or if you have toddlers and younger kids, the simpler designs of front-facing animals should do the trick. Those illustrations even have the names of the animals written below the pictures, so they’re great for learning basic spelling. And since the shapes are so simple and large, you could also have your child attempt to copy the drawing. As far as we’re concerned, it’s never too early to start developing those artistic skills!

More Fun Jungle Coloring Pages for Kids

Now, if the pages we’ve presented aren’t doing it for you, we can recommend several other high-quality sources. For example, if you’re looking for simple drawings for toddlers, we recommend checking out this page.

Alternatively, other sites like education.com offer a mix of jungle illustrations for kids of all ages.

Lastly, we wanted to recommend at least one coloring sheet that requires more skill and focus. This rainforest coloring page from Rainforest Alliance is perfect for that! It shows at least fourteen different animal species. So you can use it to encourage your kids to ask questions about animals that live in the jungle!

Best of all, you won’t have to do much research to get the answers. Simply hover your mouse over the “i” icons on the page we linked to. Clicking through those links will lead you to another page with even more details about the animal you’re interested in.

Jungle coloring pages for kids
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