Measuring Tape

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Today is an exciting day! Even though I don’t move into the house until the 12th, today I get to go and sneak another peak at it. The owner is on vacation and we are considering buying her sectional, so I get to go in and take another look at it. Then, while I’m there I’m going to do some measuring.

Of course I only have the crumbiest possible picture of said sectional, which I tried desperately to enhance so you could see at least a little of it. The sectional lives in the finished part of the basement- which we have BIG plans for (to be discussed in a future post). If we could buy it off her it’d be one less thing we have to move, and it is fairly nice and new, so I need to do some research on what it might cost if it was brand new. I also have to have my real estate agent tell me what color it is….because I’m color blind so I have no idea if it matches. This room will be Mr Man’s, so I promised to get it done quickly so he has a hideout while I pull apart the rest of the house.

Also while there, I need to take some serious measurements. The basement does not have a door on its entrance and we have 3 cats, so it needs to be closed off whenever we’re not home to ensure our precious DVD collection, tv, sectional,  and speakers don’t get scratch up and pushed around. There’s a habitat for humanity restore store the next town over, so I’m hoping to purchase a door nice and cheap and attach it myself for one of my first ease-into-fixer upper-things projects. On the positive side though, look how nice and clean those carpeted stairs are. It’s the only place in the entire house where there is carpet, thank goodness, and lucky for us it own’t need to be tore up.

In addition to measuring that doorframe, I also need to measure the door frames from the bulkhead in the yard down into the basement because we’ve got a washer and dryer moving in with us and need to figure out the easiest spot to squeeze them through. The bulkhead entrance is a straight line to where it will be, so hopefully that will be spacious enough!

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