Mission Possible

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Yesterday’s shelf construction went far more smoothly then I thought it would, mainly because the friend Matt had over to help really brought his A game. There’s still lots to do, but for now things are looking good and we’re excited.

The three basement closets all have shelves resting in them- the closets need drywall added to the bottom because prior to us moving in an old sump pump overflowed and ruined the walls about a foot upwards, and all three closets need to be painted once the drywall is up. This weekend we’ll be repairing the wall and hopefully on  Monday we can at least get things primed. We’ve decided to repaint the blood crimson walls to a deep  hunter green and to paint the inside of the shelves the same light green as our sunroom.

Matt was far to anxious to see what everything would look like so we put up all the movies anyway and will just carefully take them down in order when it’s time to forge ahead.

Here’s a picture diary of how it all went down:

Here’s a look at our most challenging closet before things got started- there is a hatch door to the dark dank earth floor side of the basement and it can’t be taken down or covered up so we are forced to work around it.

Matt took out all the wood from the closet that didn’t have anything to do with the hatch door, so that we could build new shelf space around it.

He did the same for the middle closet, and the left hand side closet. In this picture, you can see the damage to the lower wall. We will cut it even and patch it up on Saturday.

Once all the closets had miscellaneous debris and wood cleared, the men folk headed outside with their power tools to cut the shelves down. They swear they measured things first, but I wasn’t there so I’m still skeptical.

The shelves for each closet were lined up next to them because they weren’t all the same cut- there is a pipe running down the left hand closet so those shelves needed an extra wedge taken out, and the weird hatch forced us to make 2 half shelves for that closet.

While Matt’s dutiful friend went ahead with installing the shelves, Matt started to sort through his massive 4,000+ collection.

With all those unsteady stacks of movies, we decided it would be best to give Dutch a bone to occupy himself with.

You can see here we decided not to bracket the shelves but rather to put smaller wood rests into the side walls instead- the movies aren’t creating enough weight that there needs to be a middle brace. Once everything is painted and ready to go we will screw the shelves into the wedges, but for now they’re just resting on top.

There are 6 shelves in each of the first two closets, and then the third closet has 2 full shelves and 2 half shelves. Things got filled in quickly!

Luigi jumped on the rare opportunity to join us downstairs- because the couch has leather sides there’s normally no cats allowed but we were far too busy going up and down the stairs with boxes and wood planks to worry about it.

Here’s where we left off for the night! The shelves will fit all of our movies, but there are still two or three boxes with collections and limited editions that will be placed in other areas around the room. The big wicker baskets are my contribution to the room- as awesome as it is to have a finished basement we are strapped for storage so one of these holds extra blankets and the other hold dog and cat supplies.


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