More On Paint Sheen (and a few more paint tips!)

In my first 31 days post I gave you a quick run down on what paint sheen to put where. Today I want to share with you a (pinable) image to refer to, created by Pepper Design Blog, and a few more details:

paint sheen

I would add to this that in high traffic areas (living room, bedrooms, offices, etc) that I actually really like eggshell paint. It’s just a hair step above flat and I think the lack of shine in it is sort of calming.

Here’s a few other things I didn’t know about paint/painting before I bought a house:

  • Put your paint brush in the fridge between coats! this might be the best thing that I ever learned. In between coats (even if that’s a few days), but your paint brush in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. It won’t dry out.
  • Wrap painters tape around your roller before you use it! This is key particularly in a house like mine- with 4 pets- because hair and dust someone manage to get on things that are sealed inside a package. Just wrap a strip of painters tape around your roller, squeeze it for a second, then unwrap it. It’ll get all the unwanted fuzz off.
  • You can get anything color matched! I very much didn’t know this, I thought you could color match from one paint brand to another. In reality, I could just bring in my favorite t-shirt and they could color match that. In a few weeks I’m going to bring in a paint can cover and get that colored matched. The sky is the limit!
  •  Ceilings don’t have to be white! A lot of people believe a white ceiling makes a room look bigger, and it totally can, but sometimes a dark ceiling can be an amazing decision:

Any other questions or tips? Leave them in the comments!!


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.

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