Movie Room Progress

clean and neat movie room

I was going to call this post a room reveal, but then I started labeling one of the pictures with what we still have left to do and I thought “progress” would be a better word. This room has been a long time coming, it is the basement of our house and it’s Matt’s man cave. He spent a lot of time thinking about how he wanted it set up, what color he wanted it, and how he wanted everything to look. So note that this is not a beautiful professional blog room, it’s our realistic DIY budget room makeover and we think it’s freaking awesome.

To see what the room looked like 2 full years ago, when we first set it up, check here. And here’s what the room looked like while we were prepping to paint, the only thing missing is some of the DVD shelving but I really wanted you to get a sense of the nasty ox blood colored walls:

The walls were an unevenly painted crimson red, only half of the overhead lights worked, and the ceiling was dingy
The walls were an unevenly painted crimson red, only half of the overhead lights worked, and the ceiling was dingy

Dutch thought the wall color was fine… but what does he know. I thought it was incredibly stressful and harsh. It had to goooooo. We’ve been putting off painting it because we were afraid of how many coats of primer it would take to cover the red, then we discovered the awesomeness of paint + primer in one and realized if we chose a dark enough color we wouldn’t have to prime at all.

I got a lot of weird looks when I told people we were painting our basement a dark ashy blue… “but won’t it be all cave like down there?” YES. That is the point, this room is for movie watching so we wanted it dark, comfy, and inviting.

After 2 coats of City Nights by Clark+Kensington brand paint, the room was looking a million times better:

edge of the stairs to back right corner

We got it in an eggshell finish to minimize reflection and honestly, it makes me want to go back and paint my whole house in eggshell finish. It’s perfect. It’s also about a million times calmer and less aggressive.

My only complaint about the paint is it took FOREVER to dry. It was extremely thick… but to only have to do 2 coats instead of 5 or 6 was totally worth it.

Here’s a few more views of the room:

corner to left

The DVD shelves are from Best Buy, there’s 3 of them and the shelves can be adjusted to whatever height you’d like them. Each one can fit up to 500 movies. The tv stand is also from Best Buy, and the ottomans are from Walmart. The ottoman’s are both the same- you can take the top off and flip it to either be a tray or a soft top and inside is room for storage.

from woofer

When we moved in that back wall was just three built in cabinets, so we converted them to shelves so they could store more movies. Yes… more movies. 🙂 The doors on the right wall are to the half bath and to the unfinished part of the basement.

Here’s a run down of what we’ve done to the room:

  • Painted the walls
  • Soundproofed
  • Bought a new rug (after our 3rd basement flood)
  • Concealed the wires from the surround sound
  • Replaced a broken light fixture (with an exact match we found at the Habitat Restore!)
  • Created built in shelves

And here’s a detailed picture of what we’ve got left to do:

left to window

Come back all week to learn more about soundproofing, speaker set up, and wire concealing!

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