My Ugly Awesome Garden

This garden is not going to make it to Pinterest. But I am so so excited about it. Two years ago I eased into gardening with oregano, parsley, and basil. Last year I added 2 kinds of mint and chives to the mix. This year I went big league with some vegetables

Half the garden is potted and half is planted.

small space backyard garden

In the ground:

  • Sage (year 1)
  • Spearmint (year 2)
  • Oregano (year 3)
  • Chocolate mint (year 2)
  • Chives (year 2, in the ground year 1)
  • Tomatoes (year 1)
  • Cucumbers (year 1)
  • Blueberry bush (year 1, won’t yield until next year because it’s a transplant from a friend)

In pots:

  • Red bell peppers
  • Hot peppers
  • Basil (not pictured- I keep it on the front steps because it’s so finicky)
diy garden marker

The potted plants are layered as so: rocks (for drainage), then leaves/lawn pick up (compost-y), then sand, then soil. They’re all staked and tied up with embroidery floss because that’s what I had on hand.

Marigolds will help keep bugs away, and the will chives too (I don’t even eat chives but they’re awesome at repelling bugs, I keep some in a pot near the basil as well). I also added broken up egg shells on top of the soil so the crawling bugs will stay away, they don’t like the feel of it.

Everything got a good meal of Miracle Gro, which I’ve never used before but I heard such good things I thought I’d give it a try. It seemed to work on the herbs almost instantly, and the peppers have grown a lot in just one week too. My cucumbers haven’t really started to climb yet, but I’m hopeful- they look healthy.

The cement pavers were just pulled up from another area of the yard and I use them as stepping stones for the garden and to keep the potted plants on, and the fences are from Home Depot and KMart (so

backyard garden for beginners

I’m working up some plans to add a compost near the garden and hopefully that’ll go in next week. I know we’ve got possums and skunks because I’ve seen them, and I assume we have raccoons too so I just want to work up an inexpensive solution that’ll be easy to maintain and won’t attract critters. I’m thinking one barrel (that we already have on hand) full of leaves and another next to it for the actual compost, that way as soon as we add food I can scoop some leaves on top and keep odors and appeal down. What do you think? Any compost tips?

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