Oil Pulling – One Month Review

After my first week of oil pulling I posted a day by day run down, which you can see here. I thought I’d check back in now that it’s been a month to review it again.

Before I get into the review though, it’s important to note 2 other health-related things I’ve been doing as well, because maybe they’re all working together:

  • I have been getting 3 allergy shots a week since January. If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw this picture back in December that basically showed I was severely allergic to all the things.  I’ve been told it’ll take about 6 months before I really notice a difference. My husband thinks he notices a difference already, I’m not so sure myself.
  • In addition to the shots I thought I’d try a more holistic approach too, so I started taking Juice Plus in January. It’s organic, vine ripened fruit that is basically dehydrated then crushed down into a capsule with a little added fiber- more of a booster then a supplement or vitamin I guess. I absolutely have noticed a difference in my energy level and immune system since I started taking it.
oil pulling how to introduction to oil pulling

As far as the oil pulling itself:

  • Swishing for 20 minutes a day is no problem at all. The texture doesn’t bother me at all anymore- I’ve only missed one day in the whole month and I felt strange not doing it.
  • I 100% feel like my teeth and gums are stronger. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but they just feel more grounded in my mouth? That sounds weird, but it’s true. I flossed after not having done so for quite a while (sorry, dentist) and there was no bleeding or swelling.
  • I also feel like my nails are stronger (maybe part oil pulling and part Juice Plus).
  • My complexion is noticeably better– no more breakouts and in addition, the dark spots from old breakouts are starting to go away too. I have maybe had 2 pimples in the past month, which is amazing.
  • It has done nothing for my scalp psoriasis. I even tried rubbing the oil directly on my scalp for a few days because I got desperate. This is kind of a bummer because it’s the result I was hoping for the most.

So overall, I absolutely recommend giving it a try. For me it hasn’t been the miracle worker some others have claimed it to be, but there are absolute benefits. Also, I still brush my teeth as normal. I just felt grossed out by the thought of no longer doing that. It’s also recommended that you oil pull in the morning, on an empty stomach, but I don’t have time then so I do it in the 20 minutes before I settle down for bed instead.

My biggest tip: for the love of God, do not sniff that jar you spit the oil out into. Just don’t. You might be tempted to, but trust me. It might be the worst smelling thing in the entire world. (You can’t spit it out down the drain because the oil hardens at temperatures lower then 76*.)

Have you tried it yet?

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