20 Cute Owl-Themed Baby Showers

cute owl themed baby showers

Having a baby is undoubtedly going to change the parents’ lives for the better — but the same cannot be said about their budgets. Though we all know babies are totally worth it, there’s a lot to be said about how expensive all the baby gear is.

But not to worry — that’s what baby showers are for!

Why owls, you may ask? Well, even in mythology, owls were seen as a symbol of wisdom and femininity. More importantly, they’re often a symbol of power too — and we all know that moms are real superheroes!

Whether you decide to hold your baby shower in an elegant venue or your own backyard, we have you covered. Here are twenty incredibly cute owl-themed baby shower ideas to help the mom-to-be in our life prepare for the upcoming birth in the most adorable way possible.

20 Of the Best Owl Themed Baby Showers From Around the Web

Dreamy Neutral Owl-Themed Extravaganza From Kara’s Party Ideas

yellow and grey owl themed shower for twins

There’s something so incredibly soothing about this grey and yellow decor combination, so it should fit any future mom’s style for sure. Plus, this owl-themed baby shower is meant for twins, but it doesn’t make one baby more important than the other. The focus is on both of them!

The shower is complete with cutesy party favors and sweets, as well as some outstanding flower arrangements. What stands out the most for us is the owl cake, which doesn’t consist of layers but of mini fondant-covered cakes. That means it’ll be much easier for the guests to help themselves, and there won’t be much mess afterward.

Turquoise and Grey Baby Boy Owl-Themed Diaper Cakes From Shelterness

diaper cakes and owls

We all know that diapers are rather expensive, so most baby shower guests are likely to bring a pack or two with them. However, instead of just wrapping up a plain pack of diapers, why not opt to make a gorgeous colorful diaper cake?

This particular owl-themed baby shower idea is a favorite of ours, as the end result barely resembles a diaper cake at all. In fact, at first glance, you just may believe it’s an actually tiered cake!

The cake will go well with neutral decor and serve as a lovely centerpiece. Plus, the owl props look like they’re made from simplistic shapes, all glued together — so this ought to be a fun DIY project too!

Colorful Mommy & Me Owl-Themed Baby Shower Idea From Oriental Trading

owl baby shower

For moms-to-be that don’t want to be limited by one color, this owl-themed baby shower could be a real hit. It combines blue, pink, and yellow, which results in colorful, adorable decor. On top of that, the theme doesn’t just include adult owls, but babies too. In our opinion, this is a gorgeous touch; it puts the focus on the woman becoming a mother and on the nurture that she’s about to provide her baby with.

But the best part about this shower is definitely the DIY polka dot lantern centerpiece. This tree-like showstopper ties all the decorations together since it includes all three of the colors. Plus, it sort of resembles a cake or a silhouette of a pregnant lady — and both of these work at a baby shower!

Rustic Yet Elegant Baby Boy Owl-Themed Shower From Catch My Party

cute owl themed shower

There’s something so incredible about rustic decor that it’s perfect for most occasions, but especially baby showers. It’s somewhat simplistic style-wise, but it adds a lot of depth to a theme, no matter what it may be.

Because of that, the tones of the wooden elements go well with the overall owl theme of this baby shower. Though the majority of the decor is cute and very baby-friendly, the scattered rustic elements make the whole shower rather adult-feeling too. In the end, the mom is the focus of attention at the shower, and this sort of combo allows her to take the spotlight.

Some of our favorite parts here are the colors (you cannot go wrong with blue, yellow, and green), as well as the birdcages and houses. The baby bird is on its way home — or at least that’s how we see the symbolism behind these!

Earthy Tones and Handcrafted Decorations: A DIY Owl-Themed Masterpiece From Style Blueprint

owl cake

For those looking to add a personal touch to an owl-themed baby shower, this DIY one is full of ideas you could use and even add a twist to. We absolutely love how the cake is decorated like a tree, and there are owl nests on top of it, with both a boy and a girl owl. The banner is also a fantastic idea — Baby Whooo — if the parents don’t have a name yet. In fact, it may work for gender-reveal parties too!

Take note of the woodland decor as well. It adds a lot to the theme and makes it seem a bit more owl-friendly. If the parents are true nature lovers, they are likely to prefer these decorations over baby-heavy ones we saw in the previous entry.

Floral and Gender-Neutral Owl-Themed Baby Shower From POP Sugar

flower and owl baby shower

This owl-filled baby shower takes vintage-inspired flower arrangements and combines them with delicate lace details. These can be found both on the cake and in the bouquets themselves, adding to the overall old-timey vibe.

What we love the most about this owl-themed shower is that it’s rather delicate-looking, which bodes well with how a mother feels toward the end of her pregnancy. Furthermore, the colors are soothing on the eyes, and the whole decor makes for a serene setting.

The best part is that it’s actually gender-neutral — nothing here screams boy or girl. Instead, the focus is on a HEALTHY BABY.

A Few Owls Here and a Whole Lot There: 100% Owl-Themed Baby Shower Ideas From AA Gifts & Baskets

owl baby shower idea

If you’re a true owl lover who doesn’t just want a few owl illustrations here and there, you’ll love these baby shower ideas. There’s everything here that you may need to throw a nature-inspired, owl-themed shower, including owl invitations, food, and tableware.

Clearly, you don’t have to stick to the traditional pink and blue colors, and you can add a fun twist to the decor if you want to. We particularly love how well brown and blue go together — it reminds us of the woods where owls live and the clear skies above them.

Still, the owl-shaped snacks and hanging decorations aren’t the best part here. We absolutely love the owl centerpiece made of wire; it seems that you could easily repurpose it as a part of your home decor later on.

Vintage Owl Themed Boy’s Baby Shower From Space Ships and Laser Beams

owl themed cookies

Everything about this owl-themed baby shower screams delicate and vintage, so it’s a perfect choice for all mommies who love the decor of the olden days. Right from the get-go, the guests can enjoy a vintage vibe, courtesy of a handcrafted desk that holds the guestbook. There are also some classic staples too, such as mason jars, that add to the more laid-back feel of the whole shower.

Make no mistake, though — this is an elegant affair. If you add the burlap above the seating area, it will feel more rustic, of course, but you don’t have to. The designers were eager to combine a few styles to make the overall vibe more eclectic. If that’s up your alley, you can experiment with the serving dishes, the flower arrangements, and the storage space too.

What we love the most is that the whole shower feels like a grown-up tea party. And since the decorations are rather mellow and ladylike, the theme truly celebrates the mother-to-be and helps her feel special!

DIY Printable Owl-Themed Baby Shower Invitations From 3 Boys and a Dog

baby shower owl invitations

Not many of us can say that we’re well versed in design, so we may have to hire someone to make us the perfect baby shower invitations. Or…do we? These owl-themed invites are free to download. You can simply print them out, glue them to some cardstock paper, and voilà — you’ve got some gorgeous invitations.

Granted, they have a minimalist vibe to them, which may not appeal to all mommies out there. However, if you want to keep it simple and sweet, these are a super-easy DIY project. Plus, since the design isn’t too elaborate, these are a solid option for both laidback and more formal baby showers!

Owl Theme Baby Shower and Nursery From Blessed Beyond Crazy

owl diaper cakes

It’s challenging to decide which one of the three ideas laid out in this post we love the most. If we had to pick one, we’d say that the crochet owls are an incredible DIY project. We like the fact that they could also be used later on as decor in the nursery.

Speaking of the nursery, painting a tree on a wall to make it the focal point of the room is a fun way of making the nursery feel more special and beautiful. Having a baby is a unique time in a parent’s life, and the nursery should feel just as unique too.

Finally, there’s the diaper baby — a fun twist to the standard diaper cake. This is yet another fun way of presenting the parents with some incredibly useful gifts. After all, not only will they get about a dozen diapers, but they’ll also receive a beanie, a pacifier, a onesie, and some booties too! In fact, we’d even suggest making the present even better by placing the diaper baby in a stroller.

Pink, Purple and Teal Candy-Filled Baby Owls From My Practical Baby Guide

owl candy boxes

Everyone knows that the dessert table is one of the essential parts of any baby shower. But instead of just laying out all the treats, why not let the guests help themselves and get the candy they truly want?

These candy-filled baby owls are a perfect idea for those who love DIY celebrations and like more interactive activities rather than just plain old “eat, drink, play, repeat.” The gist of the idea is rather simple: the guests will have a chance to fill their baby owls with all the candy they like. The boxes are pillow-shaped and well, very owl-like.

Apart from that, the post also has some neat diaper cake and regular flour-and-sugar cake ideas. Everything is owl-themed and super-colorful, so you’re bound to get inspired!

Baby Boy Books and Owl-Themed Baby Shower From Giggles Galore

owl themed cupcake tower

Is the future baby mamma a book lover and an owl enthusiast? All the inspiration you may need could be found in this Giggles Galore post.

The author first mentions one-of-a-kind invitations, which also tell the guests that the parents are looking to create a library for their little one. Instead of bringing a card, they could add a book to that selection — after all, books will last longer!

But that’s not all. We love the idea of guests writing out words of wisdom for the mommy-to-be; she’s probably a bit anxious about the whole parenthood thing and needs advice.

Furthermore, those owl-themed cookies are a perfect finishing touch. Yet, though the theme here is obvious, it isn’t over the top, and neither are the cookies. Overall, this baby shower is a simple way of celebrating life without spending too much money or time.

Minimalist Green and Brown Owl-Themed Baby Shower From Thoughtfully Simple

cute owl cake

Sometimes, less is more, and if you’re a minimalist at heart, you’ll simply love this green and brown owl-themed baby shower. There aren’t many decorations here, but that goes hand in hand with the minimalist approach. The cake is simple but gorgeous nonetheless; the cute black owl creates a wonderful contrast against the white fondant.

The focus is on polka dots (since the cake also has some black dots on it) in order to tie all the decorations together. Because of that, green and white runners were used, as well as a brown and white polka dot tablecloth.

Overall, the vibe is simplistic, cute, and owlish. Better still, the theme isn’t too obvious so as not to take away from the event itself.

“Welcome Home, Baby” Enchanting Turquoise Baby Shower — Kara’s Party Ideas

cool owl welcome home baby shower

If you’re looking to celebrate the impending birth of a baby and are ready to splurge, this turquoise baby shower should definitely serve as inspiration for you.

The most striking thing about it is the hand-painted backdrop, which features a gorgeous turquoise owl sitting on a branch. But the rest of the decor is simply breathless too. For instance, the dessert table is decorated with some tulle, which adds to the cuteness of the overall design and softens it a bit.

Furthermore, the designer played around with lacy details, different shades of turquoise, and various serving dishes. This gives the decor more depth and makes it seem more elaborate.

And the details — oh, it’s all in those cute details, such as the milk bottles, the wooden drawer sets, and the “BABY” block letters. Overall, this is one of the best baby shower ideas we’ve seen for mothers-to-be who want a super-feminine celebration.

DIY Pink and Purple Owl-Themed Baby Shower Decorations From Ray of Bliss

owl themed baby shower ideas

Some believe that professional help is a must if you want a baby shower to feel extra special. However, never underestimate the power of DIY and pure love. This post is proof that if you want the baby mamma to feel as if she’s the only one who matters in the world, you can do it all on your own. All you need is some crafting skills and the will to let your creative juices flow.

The mason jars filled with branches make for some gorgeous centerpieces; you could easily replicate that yourself too without spending a lot of money. The author also explains how to make a diaper cake without breaking a sweat. And let’s not forget about those fun door prize tickets. These are a must if you want to present the guests with some gifts but make it all a game!

Invites, Cookies, and Cakes Oh My From DIY Lighthouse

cute owl bib

If you’re looking to throw a gorgeous owl-themed baby shower on a budget, DIY Lighthouse might have a few ideas for you. In this post, the author explains how to pull it off and where to splurge/save.

For instance, although mailed invitations are a nice way of showing your guests how much they mean to you, they can get quite expensive. Since we’re all going digital today, digital invites are also a thing. You can easily make an owl-themed one or get one from a website like Evite.com.

You should also mind the decorations and which parts you decorate. Save the most elaborate designs for the focal points of the room. There’s no need to decorate it all — the guests won’t notice it!

What we love the most about this baby shower is the cake, though. It’s not professionally done — but we can feel the love it was made with through the screen.

Owl-Crazy Food, Decor, and Game Ideas From The Little Things Journal

owl shower dessert

In the past year I’ve hosted two Owl Baby Showers, one for my sister-in-law Jenny and one for our cousin Elizabeth.  I loved creating parties with an Owl theme – Ella and I had so much fun putting together special touches for our guests to enjoy.  

If you want decor, game, and food inspiration, all in one post, look no further than The Little Things Journal. With two owl-themed baby showers under the belt, the author knows everything there is to know about decorating baby showers with the image of this gorgeous animal.

There are some incredible ideas here you could easily DIY, such as the Words of Wisdom and Bingo. Name That Baby game seems to be rather popular too; it’s a great ice-breaker and possibly a solid breeding ground for all kinds of jokes.

As for the food and the decor, we absolutely love the owl-shaped cookies (every baby shower should have these!). The owl-themed banner and the ceramic owl are cute as well, though a bit understated. If this isn’t enough decor for you, you could easily supplement these ideas with some of the other ones we’ve talked about.

Shabby Chic DIY Owl-Themed Baby Shower From Creative Baby Shower Ideas

baby shower owl ideas

I was asked to help a friend put together a baby shower for her sister-in-law who was having her 3rd baby girl. Her sister-in-

Polka dots make another appearance, but this time, they’re pink and white, perfect for a baby girl. This baby shower is also more shabby chic and laid-back than some other examples we’ve seen today. Still, that may bode well with a mom’s personality and actually make her feel more at ease!

Apart from the gorgeous invites and the somewhat understated but still tastefully decorated dessert table, the mom-to-be also gets a wonderful memento. The fingerprint tree the author talks about is a great option for those who would like to make something completely unique for the future mother.

This is artwork that she can have framed, and that would always remind her of how amazing her baby shower was. Because of that, this is our favorite idea from this post and one that we’d recommend everyone to try out themselves!

A Feathery Affair: Blue and Brown Owl-Themed Baby Shower From Project Nursery

table with owl themed party favors

For a baby boy shower, most people try to keep the colors and the design masculine (but also cute sometimes). In this post, however, there’s a certain Great Gatsby vibe we’re simply living for — and it all comes down to those ostrich feathers.

Of course, the main theme of the party is owls; don’t be fooled by the appearance of another bird’s feathers because owls are popping up here left and right. The centerpiece is the owl cake, which has been decorated with fondant cut into tiny shapes to mimic the feathers.

As for the decorations themselves, consider the “It was a hoot!” party favors — there’s nothing a good pun cannot make better!

Gender-Neutral “Meet the Baby” Owl-Themed Baby Shower Idea From Fantabulosity

owl baby shower display table

And finally, as something entirely different from everything else we’ve seen, we have a “Meet the Baby” owl-themed baby shower. In contrast to a traditional baby shower, you can throw this kind of party when the baby has already been born. You could make some great memories by letting the little one meet everyone at once!

Of course, the decorations have to be on point. We do suggest checking out the post to see how you could decorate the dessert table (ceramic owls strike again!). The author also talks about how she tied the woodland theme with the owl theme. There was a wooden backdrop the client wanted to use, so other decorations had to be thought out more so as not to stick out too much.

But the best part of this shower is definitely the makeshift photo booth. To immortalize new memories in photographs, the parents let each guest hold the baby for five minutes and take photos with it. They even included the hand sanitizers to keep the germs away!

And My Own Personal Owl Themed Baby Shower

This past weekend I helped my sister-in-law  and one of her friends throw an owl theme baby shower…

owl themed baby shower

We went with an owl theme based on what we could see from her nursery, and for my crafts I kept it real simple and cheap by buying patterned scrapbook paper and cutting it into a bunch of cute things with my Silhouette Cameo:

paper owl decoration

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a bunch of different paper owls that we hung up everywhere- painter’s tape on the backs of ones stuck to the walls and clothes pins for ones hanging off the blinds.

owl baby shower game

Each week Silhouette has a free downloadable cut shape, and last week it was feathers so I used the same scrapbook paper to cut out a bunch. Each guest wrote their best guess and put it into an owl paper wrapped shoebox. The winner will get a prize in the mail! (“Day” is emphasized because that is the baby’s last name.)

owl baby shower banner

I used more of the owl patterned scrapbook paper to make this adorable banner, which we hung on shelves leaned to the wall (it was too heavy to hang directly on the wall with tape).

I also went ahead and made these owl cupcakes I have had pinned FOREVER:

owl decorated cupcakes
Chocolate cupcake mix, oreos, and m&m’s. I made 24, so I bought 2 packages of oreos just to make sure I had enough “eyes”

My sister in law’s mom is also quite the crafter and she made this AMAZING owl out of diapers, a receiving blanket, and a few other odds and ends. The “log” helped him stand up straight:

so cute!! I love the flower eyes.
So cute!! I love the flower eyes.

She also made these great favors, filled with socks and candy for each guest:

owl favor bags

So I think it’s safe to say we were pretty owl-d out, but it was all really cute and the mom-to-be loved it :).

I freaking love theme parties!!

Final Thoughts

Owl-themed baby showers are incredibly popular today, but for those who are looking to DIY their way through them, they may seem a bit complicated to pull off. Not to worry, though — these twenty baby shower ideas are sure to inspire you and help you decide on the right decor and party favors. Mix and match them until you find the right combination!


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cute owl themed baby showers
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