Picture Editing FOR FREE

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Whether you want to put pictures up in your home, or you run a blog and you want to publish them online, it’s worth running them through an editor first- and these days that’s something that’s very free and very easy.

I use Pic Monkey to edit all my pictures, and to create picture collages. Just drag and drop your pictures in and you can crop, edit the colors, add text, and even clear up your skin if you’d like. It’s a picture editing for dummies site.

It also has all sorts of other themed tools on it too…

maybe you want to turn yourself into a vampire? because that's totally an option too.

maybe you want to turn yourself into a vampire? because that’s totally an option too.

I use Pixlr when I have two images I want to combine, or when I need to do a little bit more advanced editing. It’s a free site as well, and it’s sort of like a bare bones Photoshop program.

Check them out, and leave questions in the comments if you need help with either! I’m not affiliated with either site, but I’m always happy to spread the word about FREE.


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.


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