Princess Coloring Pages

If a cute but commanding preschooler is running your house, give her some of our princess coloring pages for kids. She might even declare you her favorite royal subject! Below, you’ll find princesses of all shapes and sizes. For the youngest ladies in your house, we recommend using simpler designs. On the other hand, if your child is a real budding artist, they might prefer the more intricate images of graceful princesses. The first several coloring pages below show elegant ladies in different gowns, hairstyles, and poses. While the characters we’ve compiled aren’t official Disney princesses, some of them are inspired by children’s shows like Sofia the First. So you’ll definitely find something your little ones will adore!

Princess Coloring Pages
The most beautiful Princess

Most Beautiful Princess

Nobel princess

Nobel Princess

Pensive princess in beautiful dress

Pensive Princess

Princess in dress with big bow

Princess in Big Bow Dress

Princess in fancy flower petal dress

Princess in Flower Petal Dress

Princess in beautiful ball gown

Princess in Ball Gown

Beautiful Princess in flowery gown

Princess in Flower Gown

Gorgeous Princess in flowing evening gown

Princess in Flowing Evening Gown

Coy princess in love

Princess in Love

Princess on throne coloring page

Princess on Throne

Princess with magic hands

Princess With Magic Hands

Princess on a horse

Princess on Horse

Princess in a simple wedding dress

Princess in Wedding Dress

Princess with a flower bouquet

Princess With Flower Bouquet

Shy princess coloring page

Shy Princess

Simple princess

Simple Princess

Stylish princess with a flowing dress

Stylish Princess

Bashful princess coloring page

Bashful Princess

Dainty princess in flowing ball gown

Belle of the Ball

Cartoon Queen

Cartoon Queen

Cartoon princess in a star dress with wand

Cartoon Princess in Star Dress

Cartoon princess with a star wand

Cartoon Princess with Wand

Damsel with magic wand

Damsel Not In Distress

Beautiful Princess dancing

Dancing Princess

Enchanted Princess coloring page

Enchanted Princess

Glamorous princess dancing at ball

Glamorous Princess Dancing

Baby Kawaii Unicorn & Princess coloring page

Baby Kawaii Unicorn & Princess

Princess Riding Kawaii Unicorn coloring page

Princess Riding Kawaii Unicorn

Step Into the Sparkling World of Royalty With Princess Coloring Sheets

At this point, we’d like to offer some tips as to how you might approach coloring sessions with your child. The goal is to steer them away from mindlessly marking the paper. Instead, we want them to really engage with the subjects they’re coloring. Believe it or not, there are ways to encourage that kind of focus in kids of all ages!

Princesses are usually examples of grace and good style — but how can a coloring page teach your kids that? It’s easy — just get them to focus on the artistic side of things. For example, it’s never too early to talk about the basics of colors.

If your kid is using watercolors or pencils, you can demonstrate the relationship between primary and secondary colors. Show them how mixing red and yellow gets them orange, yellow and blue results in green, and so forth. When they become more advanced, you can talk about which colors go together and how that influences the design of the characters they love so much.

On the other hand, you can also keep it simple and let your kids color while they watch their favorite princess cartoon. However, more grounded children might appreciate hearing about the origin of the princesses they know. You could tell them about real-world princesses like Pingyang, who may have inspired the legend of Mulan!

Or you could just let your toddlers color while you can read them fairy tales. But remember, it’s all about engagement! So allow your little princess to ask questions about anything that catches her attention and prepare the answers in advance!

More Princess Coloring Pages for Kids

Now, as we have mentioned, the characters in our printables aren’t directly inspired by any cartoons. So if your kindergartener is intent on coloring a specific character, you may have to look elsewhere. Fortunately, we have several recommendations to offer, such as:

If you can’t print out a coloring sheet, you could have your child do online coloring exercises. The Disney site has all sorts of digital coloring pages — you could even sort through them by character. After selecting one, your kid can pick out colors and use them to easily fill areas of the drawing. If nothing else, it’ll help them develop the hand-eye coordination they need to control the computer mouse.

Princess Coloring Pages
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