11 Reasons You Should Start a Blog (Like Right Now!)

Mother and baby blogging in kitchen

Blogging is an amazing way to share with others, grow as a person, become a better writer and learn so many great things. You can also make friends, build work connections and show off your expertise on a specific topic, or topics. But, most of all, it is fun and easy.

It is not hard to get started, and even easier to maintain the site once it is set up.  If you build a big enough audience, you may even be able to pull in some cash.

If you have never blogged before, it might sound intimidating or difficult but it is not at all. It is simple, easy and a really enjoyable experience. Stop fearing the unknown and jump right in.  Yes, that can be tough… we know…

…So, here are our top 11 reasons to start a blog right this second:

1. Fun

woman having fun while blogging

Blogging can give you the liberty to work from wherever, whenever. And, you can work on things you actually enjoy and care about. Think about it: if you are a foodie, you will have the freedom and flexibility to try out new restaurants, and then write about them!  If you love to travel, hop a plane and grab your laptop.

2. Money

Earning from your blog is possible once you grow an audience around, it. But, that will require work and marketing.  Don’t expect to be making millions by simply posting new articles.  Not going to happen.

3. Therapy and Relaxation

You will be able to help others, which is a wonderful way to help yourself.  Think of it as free therapy – a chance to dump your feelings on the page and let people respond and consider your feelings.

Everyone has problems. You can share yours, help others through their own, or both. You may be amazed at how much an article that helped you also helped a reader. You will be excited to see the wonderful comments and messages from people you have inspired, as well.

4. Friendship and Camaraderie

friends in the coffee shop blogging

Blogging can help you meet people on-line. Most of those within the blogging community are outgoing, happy to help and fun.

You can make a lot of great blogger friends through comments, social media, etc.  You can also meet people with similar interests, who are not bloggers.

For example, if you write an education blog, you will likely have the opportunity to connect with other parents and teachers interested in the same topics. These connections can benefit your career, as well as add joy to your life.

5. Online Presence

Blogs are the new resumes and cover letters, in many ways. Blogging about a subject will illustrate to readers, possible employers and other connections that you are an expert in that area.

It is also of the utmost importance to have an online presence these days that will give your legitimacy and allow people to find and contact you easily.

By frequently sharing valuable content about a subject, and sharing a bit about yourself, you build trust and position yourself as an expert.  This will make other goals much more easily attained.  Start with a blog and grow from there.

6. Business Legitimacy

two businessmen shaking hands

Whether you’re a job seeker, a professional seeking clients, or an entrepreneur starting a blog will help you to build credibility.

7. Low Overhead

Anybody can set up their own blog for free. If you are willing to pay just a bit, you can have a lot more freedom and say-so over the design, advertising, etc.  It is so cheap to keep one running.

It can be free, as well, depending on how much control you want over the design elements, advertising, etc.  You can buy a domain for less than $10.  Or, you can use a host and use their site (i.e. blog.com vs. blog.wordpress.com).

8. Relatively Easy

Most hosts have great tools for getting your site up and running, and looking great.  In about a half hour, you can have it all set up and getting started on your first post!

9. Freebies

books and ebook as freebies

If you run a blog where you offer reviews of products, books, etc. then the owners and creators of these businesses will likely be more than willing to send you a free sample.

10. Learning Opportunities

Blogging is about sharing, teaching, and learning. When you start a blog, you’ll find that you will constantly be gaining new knowledge and trying new things.

The best part is that you can also stick to what you know when you are feeling less than inspired.

11. Why not?

Can you come up with a good reason why you should not start one?  If you are interested in trying out blogging, you can give it a shot without wasting any money, or much time.  So, it’s kind of a no-brainer, right?  Give it a shot!

So, go right now, and get started.  Think of some topics you can share, ask friends what they would like to hear from you, start doing some research.  Then, start that blog you have been dreaming of. You deserve it… and so does the world!

Mother and baby blogging in kitchen
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