Sometimes, my cats are jerks.

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Here’s the thing, I love my cats. All 3 of them. I promise. But MAN can they be destructive…. I’ve already sacrificed a life filled with beautifully woven rugs for them, and I am not about to sacrifice cute cushioned chairs too.

About a year ago I bought 2 slipper chairs, one originally lived in the sunroom but was later moved to the bedroom, and the other lives in Matt’s office. The one in our bedroom has been perfectly untouched, but for some reason the other has been ravaged to bits:

WTF cats. You have 3 scratching posts in 3 different rooms, including this one.

I love the pattern of this chair so I wasn’t about to completely reupholster it with something new, and a very very long time ago Pepper Design Blog was debating curtains for her dining room and this pattern was one of the options she was considering. I snuck through her archives to find the curtain post  but because it was so long ago the site she linked to no longer had the product- it did have the product name though, so I popped it into Amazon and ordered a yard of it (Thomas Paul Dahlia Aegean fabric). I also ordered a pack of cat scratch guards, which seriously I should have had all along.

Once it all arrived, here’s how it went down:

When I say “measure the fabric,” what I really mean is “hold the fabric up against the chair and eyeball a piece a little bigger then you think.” I talked about how to use no-sew hem tape here, and that’s exactly what I did the tops and sides of this fabric (the bottom would be stapled underneath so it didn’t matter).

I hand stitched the fabric up through the binding so you can’t see it at all, then I spent a heck of a lot of time very tightly wrapping the fabric underneath the chair and stapling it down- the legs do not come off so I didn’t have the option of removing them. I will say that this is the 5th piece of furniture I’ve done some sort of reupholstery to and the first piece where I did the corners halfway decent. It’s a skill learned through much swearing and screaming.

And voila! No more damage!  So my friends, if your animals destroy a piece of furniture, all hope is not lost!

What have you sacrificed for your furry kiddos?


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