Sometimes you gotta live with it: 31 Days

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When you first move into a home there are always approximately 900,000 things you need to do immediately. And there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. But sometimes, you just gotta live with something. And that can be ok too.

Matt & I are in our first home, not our forever home, so we’re super conscious to not put more money into the house then we can get back. That means not gutting the kitchen. Which is a real bummer, because those honey oak cabinets and table are really dragging me down.

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I love love love our yellow walls, our faux backsplash made me so much happier with the space, and the layout is great.

I absolutely freaking hate our cabinet stain (and the dining set we got – for free! – to match it).  And you know what, it’s not worth painting them or removing them because we’re just going to move in a few years anyway. You know what was worth it though? Installing recessed lighting- because that adds to resale and we had an electrician friend who helped us get it done on the cheap.

Think long and hard before you plan big upgrades, live with things  for a bit before you decide what to do about it, and plan plan plan. The last thing you need to do when you move into a house is starting gutting stuff willy nilly because you don’t like it (unless of course, you moved into a real dump and have no choice).

Little things like paint?– tThrow it on the walls and change it if you hate it. But in my opinion, anything that costs more then $100 is worth thinking long and hard about. Yes, that includes all the new furniture you want because your old stuff doesn’t fit.

What are you stuck with in your home?


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.

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