Space Coloring Pages for Kids

Some of the greatest movie franchises of all time revolve around space travel. That should say something about the core values of humanity — namely, that we are explorers by our very nature. Naturally, we want to encourage those qualities in our children too. Space coloring pages for kids are excellent tools for teaching your children to be curious about the final frontier! The best thing about them is that they allow kids complete freedom of expression. After all, space doesn’t have to be all black with specks of starlight here and there, the amazing planets and galaxies in the drawings below can be any color imaginable! Still, astronomical objects are only one reason space coloring sheets are so popular. Your kids are more likely to be intrigued by the notion of rockets, spaceships, astronauts, and aliens. But honestly: we don’t blame them!

Space coloring pages for kids
3 Aliens in Spaceship Coloring Page

3 Aliens in Spaceship

Alien Rocket Coloring Page

Alien Rocket Coloring Page

Alien Saucer Galaxy Coloring Page

Alien Saucer Galaxy

Angry Alien in Saucer Coloring Page

Angry Alien in Saucer

Asteroids Approach Coloring Page

Asteroids Approach

Big Galaxy Coloring Page

Big Galaxy Coloring Page

Classic Space Saucer Coloring Page

Classic Space Saucer

Cute Alien in Saucer Coloring Page

Cute Alien in Saucer

Friendly Space Kid Floating Coloring Page

Friendly Space Kid Floating

Jupiter Coloring Page

Jupiter Coloring Page

Meteor Shower Coloring Page

Meteor Shower

Rocket Ship Escape Velocity Coloring Page

Rocket Ship Escape Velocity

Rocket in Hyper Space Coloring Page

Rocket in Hyper Space

Rocket Ship Leaving Orbit Coloring Page

Rocket Ship Leaving Orbit

Rocket Ship Meteor Field Coloring Page

Rocket Ship Meteor Field

Rocket Ship Solar System Coloring Page

Rocket Ship Solar System

Rocket Space Stuff Coloring Page

Rocket Space Stuff

Rocket Surrounded By Stars Coloring Page

Rocket Surrounded By Stars

Round Spacepod Coloring Page

Round Spacepod

Satellite Orbiting Planet Coloring Page

Satellite Orbiting Planet

Space Shuttle Orbit Earth Coloring Page

Space Shuttle Orbit Earth

Spacekid Spacewalk Coloring Page

Spacekid Spacewalk

Spaceman Moonwalk Coloring Page

Spaceman Moonwalk

Spaceman Solar System Coloring Page

Spaceman Solar System

Spaceman Spacewalk Coloring Page

Spaceman Spacewalk

Spaceman Teathered to Ship Coloring Page

Spaceman Teathered to Ship

Space Octopus Coloring Page

Space Octopus

Space Shuttle Super Novas Coloring Page

Space Shuttle Super Novas

starship and asteroids coloring page

Starship and Asteroids

starman coloring page

Starman Coloring Page

Kawaii Space Unicorn coloring page

Kawaii Space Unicorn

Raising the Next Generation of Inquisitive Astronomers and Astronauts!

In the past fifty years, we’ve had the opportunity to dive into the world of many works of science fiction. Between Star Wars and Star Trek, are we even surprised that our children share our fascination with space? If anything, seeing a child that’s not into it would be strange!

With that in mind, let’s talk about how we can encourage curiosity about things that lie beyond our planet.

While your kids are peacefully coloring our funky space printables, talk to them about our solar system. Tell them about the sun and the planets that are nearest to Earth. If you don’t have time to research the matter, you could play kids’ educational shows and music videos on YouTube.

Once you hook them, you can organize an evening of stargazing. If your children seem serious about it, bring a little telescope along to give them a closer look. You’ll even get bonus points if you take them to a planetarium or science center!

If you notice growing interest, ask your kids if they want to bring some galactic decor into the mix. There are several ways to do that, aside from putting up NASA posters.

For example, you could paint the ceiling dark blue and paste glow-in-the-dark constellations all over it. Or, if you don’t want to invest all that money and energy, just get a night sky projector lamp.

More Space Coloring Pages for Kids

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our collection of coloring sheets, we’ve got your back:

  • Get Coloring Pages has printables at various difficulty levels, so they’re perfect for toddlers as well as preschoolers.
  • Super Coloring printables contain many different takes on the subject. For example, one category has simple cartoon astronauts as well as more detailed drawings of real-life cosmonauts. What’s more, the site also has printable pages showing spaceships, planets, and constellations.
  • Disney has online coloring pages featuring characters from Star Wars. So if you run out of toner, you can have your child color on the computer.
  • NASA’s coloring pages, which depict planets in our solar system as well as exploratory rovers. Each page contains fun facts about the subject printed below the image. Additionally, the agency also has many coloring books parents can download for free.
Space coloring pages for kids
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