Stop with the Pinning and Start with the Doing

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I know that there’s a heck of a lot of pinned images and decorator’s rooms that make working on your house seem so impossible. But I promise it is not. I knew literally nothing when I bought my house, and then I started reading blogs, and that made me start to feel empowered, and so I picked up a some drop cloths and a paintbrush and got to work. It’s that easy.

Stop pinning beautifully staged rooms that cost more than your house’s down payment and start making some real changes.

Start reading more blogs from real people and get yourself some DIY instructions from women who started in the same boat as you. Here’s 15 of the zillion blogs I read in no particular order…except that I put my 3 friends at the top… haha:

Here’s the thing: There is literally no one in my everyday life working on their home in the same way I am (with a budget of about 0 and no experience). But there’s this whole world of bloggers who are. So talk to them. Leave comments and email and ask questions. They could become your best friends… Kenz (Interiors by Kenz) and Emma (Broke Ass Home) and I literally talk every single day. And it is awesome.

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For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.

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