The Dilemma

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I have been aching to get a rug down in my living room since the day we moved in, the wood floors are hideous and the room needs more warmth and defined sitting space. However, we have a huge problem putting rugs down in any room in our house- in fact, we have 3 huge problems: Zsa Zsa (cat), Luigi (cat), Henry (cat). There is no point at all in buying a gorgeous, awesome rug because it will inevitably be destroyed. :: le sigh ::

My absolute dream rug is an 8×11 from Jordan’s furniture that costs $330:

jordans rug

The shades and pattern are just right, the size is perfect, and I look at it online at least once a week. I think the price is actually pretty reasonable, too. Alas, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t survive a month in our house. So it’ll have to be put on the back burner for 10-12 years until we (sadly) live in a cat free home.

In the meantime, I don’t mind dropping some money on a cheaper placeholder.  There is a rug at Ikea for $20 that is acceptable, but at $20 it just isn’t big enough. However, what if I bought two and attached them together to create one big 12×10 rug?

ikea rug

This rug is far more modern and far less fancy then I’d like, but I’ve seen it in person in a friends house and I know I could make the pattern work. But how stupid would two rugs sewn together (or realistically, duct tapped from the underneath) look? There would be a coffee table and two chairs placed on this rug, so maybe the seams would work if I lined everything up right? I think I need to lay some tape on my floor and try to visualize it better… but in the meantime, what do you think?

And, just to throw in a door number 3 and get a little crazy… I am just 26 years old. Maybe I should get double crazy: put together two rugs and get zebra print rugs.

zebra pattern

Too much? Just enough? Maybe I should live on the wild side a little bit and get jazzy! I am so pulled to old lady styles and vintage designs, but I have a lifetime for that and really only so many years to pull off a giant zebra print rug.

For reference, here’s a couple of shots of how the room looks now:

picture of the room

Pretend all the Christmas clutter is gone, of course- I took that mess down Christmas Eve Day! Bah humbug!

different shot of the room

And here’s a shot at another angle taken in October.

I think door number 3 is going to stay closed… but I’d love to hear your opinion!


Goodbye Sparkles!

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