Things I Didn’t DIY

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A few months ago I re-purposed an old kitchen cabinet into a free standing kitchen cabinet for my friend’s mom (here). When I staged it in my sunroom I loooooved it and immediately wanted to make my own.

I had grand plans to build it completely from scratch. And I know that I’m capable of doing that. But then I walked into Homegoods and there was this perfectly sized, great stain colored cabinet sitting on a platform. Ready to come home and work for me. Soooo I just bought it, put it in the corner, and called it a day:

sunroom - mudroom- bar storage and seating - gray and yellow

I love to DIY, and I really want to get into building more, but man… what’s the point in saving all this money by doing stuff on my own if when I see something I like I can’t just throw down some dollars and walk away done? AmIRight?

striped wall room with painted furniture

ALSO, hands down the best thing I ever did for that room was pretend that floors weren’t green. I love the stripes (how to is here) and those chairs aren’t perfect for the space but they’ll do for now (how to on those is here). The little table is from Target.

Even though we call this room the sunroom, it’s kind of an everything room for us. It’s where we enter and leave the house, it’s how we get into the yard, and it’s where we entertain when we have lots of people over because it’s completely open to the kitchen).

open concept split level ranch house floor plan - sunroom mudroom to kitchen

Andddd speaking of the kitchen, I sold the country style chairs that came with that table and bought these awesome Eames knockoff ones. We’ve had them for several months and they are perfect- just the right amount of give when you lean back and a nice low profile.

eames knockoff white kitchen chairs

And again, I just threw down the money and bought what I wanted instead of hunting down old chairs to fix up. #SorryNotSorry. This room is full of DIYs anyway though- check out that upcycled wall art HERE and the painted faux tile backsplash HERE, as well as the faux door molding HERE. That little tray the pet water bowls are on is also just some painted and sealed scrap wood. Whew!

So what do you think? How do you decide when to buy vs. when to DIY?


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