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top post celebration

Last week I shared what some of my favorite projects are, but surprisingly enough those were not your favorite posts of the year.

I thought I’d re-share this years hits, as well as join up with a few friends who are also sharing their hits, to end the year with an overload of inspiration!

Apparently, my top 3 posts of the year weren’t even from this year!!

Here’s the all time most popular posts from

1. 31 Days Challenge landing page…. here you’ll find 22 posts full of tips for new homeowners.

new homeowner tips, 31 days, neutral home colors

2. How to Spraypaint and Glaze Furniture… and also, how to make some awesome metallic furniture.

glazed metallic silver furniture DIY

3. How to Draw on your Walls with Marker

sharpie wall

As for 2014, here’s my top 3 from within this year:

1. Tree Stump End Tables

tree stump end tables

2. Owl Theme Baby Shower… this post is just pure Pinterest eye candy.

owl paper cut out

3. How to Turn your Closet into a Built In Office … I’m so glad at least one power tool project made the cut!

DIY closet office


Ready for some more inspiration?


Check out Michelle’s top posts of over at Weekend Craft

Candace has got her awesome posts from over at Lucky Scarf

And Kelly’s in on the action over at A Lovely Life, Indeed

top post celebration
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