Under the Sea Coloring Pages for Kids

Everyone who grew up in the nineties and early aughts spent their fair share of time fantasizing about living underwater. Between The Little Mermaid, Shark Tale, and Finding Nemo, we had the opportunity to envision several ways that might look like. If your little ones want to experience the same wonder, they may find it in these under the sea coloring pages for kids. Our collection of illustrations features various sea creatures and other interesting things one might find on the ocean floor. So tell your preschooler to look carefully. They might find a diving helmet, a pirate sword, or even a message in a bottle!

A Fish and a Turtle Under the Sea Coloring Page

Fish and a Turtle Under the Sea

Cute Fishes Swimming Coloring Page

Cute Fish Swimming

Cute Little Fishes Coloring Page

Cute Little Fishes Playing

Fish and His Shark Friend Coloring Page

Fish and His Shark Friend

Fishes and Crab Looking at Treasure Chest Coloring Page

Fish and Crab Find Treasure Chest

Fishes Looking at Corals Coloring Page

Fish & Coral Coloring Page

Fishes Near a Ship's Wheel Coloring Page

Fish Near Ship’s Wheel

Friendly Dolphin and Shark Coloring Page

Friendly Dolphin & Shark Coloring Page

Happy Crab Fish and Shark Coloring Page

Sea Creatures Playing

Jellyfish and Fish With Message in a Bottle Coloring Page

Jellyfish & Fish Message in a Bottle

Lovely Fishes Coloring Page

Lovely Fishes Coloring Page

Octopus and Pufferfish Coloring Page

Octopus and Pufferfish Coloring Page

Octopus Whale and Anglerfish Coloring Page

Three Sea Animals & Diving Helmet

Small Fishes in the Ocean Coloring Page

School of Fish Coloring Page

Squid and Fish With an Anchor Coloring Page

Squid, Fish & Anchor

Swordfish and Friends Near Corals Coloring Page

Swordfish & Sea Friends

Two Fishes and a Crab Coloring Page

Two Fish and a Crab Coloring Page

Two Fishes and a Pirate's Sword Coloring Pages

Two Fish & Pirate’s Sword

Whale and Fishes With an Anchor Coloring Page

Whale & Fish With Anchor

Whale Jellyfish and Fishes Coloring Page

Happy Sea Animals Playing Coloring Page

Dive Into the Watery World of Wonders With Under the Sea Coloring Pages for Kids

Aquatic coloring page worksheets are the best tools for teaching children about marine life. They’re great ways for toddlers to discover different animals — and not just the obvious ones shown above! Remember, many oceanic animals thrive by blending in with seabed flora.

After all, corals, clams, starfish, and sea snails often look more like decorative objects than living beings. Point out that those swirly shells contain snails similar to those they might come across at the park on a rainy day. If they’re fans of SpongeBob, have them find a sponge in the pictures they’re coloring. Or to make the task easier — tell them to find his pal, Patrick!

Either way, while your kids are focusing on coloring inside those lines, make sure they know what they’re seeing. Your kindergartner will probably love hearing interesting facts about the scenes they’re painting. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to regale them with tales of the sea, simply put on an educational program.

But what if your children already know everything about the animals and plants that live on the ocean floor? In that case, there are other ways to keep them interested. Rather than taking a scientific approach, you can talk about marine mythology. Ask your kids what they think about the treasure chest or ship’s wheel depicted in some of their printable illustrations. They’ll probably invent their own story — but you could also clue them into the origin of hidden treasure legends.

More Under the Sea Coloring Pages for Kids

Ultimately, there are plenty of activities you can do with your children that will keep these coloring sheets interesting. You could either take the academic route or keep it light with mythology and historical stories. And if the kids like the aquatic theme, you can let them watch scuba diving videos or just one of the cartoons we’ve mentioned above.

With that being said, we’re aware that the illustrations we’ve presented may not appeal to children with different interests. For example, if your preschooler has asked for under the sea printouts and they already love The Little Mermaid, they may be expecting to see those exact characters. In that case, you’ll find more appropriate sheets here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see more detailed art with smaller coloring fields, check out this page. Or, if the style we’ve presented works for you, and you want to see more of the same, you might find it here.

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