Updating Wood with a Walnut

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When we last left the guest room I was hoping to thrift some small round end tables for either side of the bed, but that is not what the Thrift Gods had in mind for me. Instead, I found this small round wooden thing that I had to have, for about $6.

I think maybe it’s meant to hold knitting supplies? It’s got a divider right in the middle inside, which knocked out my fist thought that it was a butter churner.

When I first got it it was a bit dinged up and scraped in a few places, so I rubbed a walnut all over it. Yes, you read that correctly. I cracked open a walnut and rubbed it all over that bad boy. Take a look at the difference:

Not a 100% perfect fix, but a HUGE improvement nonetheless.

The walnut doesn’t actually fix it, it just sort of fills in the scratches so they’re all less noticeable. It’s pretty awesome and took under 10 minutes. Originally I was going to paint parts of it white (the legs and maybe the strapping), but I really like having the wood tone in the room, especially where there is already painted furniture in there:

The high chair, whose makeover you can read about here, has a little ceramic plate on it so guests can take off their jewelry/watches/whatever and put it there. The not-butter-churner now holds all my old Halloween costumes, which were originally in the closet. We’re pretty big Halloween people, so this is not as weird as it sounds. haha.

In a dream world I’d have a cute little lemon tree or fiddle leaf in that corner, but um- 3 cats live here. They would not have that. So a high chair and wooden tub it is!

Now when you walk in the room it looks like this:

On the opposite wall is a pretty sweet shelf that now organizes my craft supplies. And oh my goodnesswas it like the most exciting thing that ever happened to me when we  moved it in. Originally, I had all my stuff in 4 separate areas of the house, including the guest room closet which I’m trying to empty out. But not anymore!!

It might not be glamorous, but it is FABULOUS.

That shelving system used to be Matt’s brothers, then it came to our last apartment, then it lived in our kitchen here for a bit, then moved to the basement for storage, and now here it is ready for its’ time in the sun. It is amazing to have stuff that used to be all over the place corralled into one neat area. I used lots of dollar store vases and candle holders to arrange everything, and while it may evolve a bit more once my desk is built,  it works great for right now.

So tell me- are you going to go rub a walnut over all your wood? It’s great on doors and molding too! Or maybe you’re going to put all your paints in one place finally, then do a happy dance around the house?

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