DIY Football Shirt (and a $100 giveaway to Expressions Vinyl!)

3 kids wearing football shirts

This week I forayed into the world of HTV, which is fancy pants lingo for Heat Transfer Vinyl, with little push from Expressions Vinyl  and their #VinylNFL challenge. So far on my Silhouette I’ve done lots of paper cutting and decal vinyl printing, but I’ve never attempted to make clothes.

Expressions Vinyl challenged me and a few other bloggers to use HTV in a football themed project, so my brain went right to creating a football shirt for my 2 year old nephew.

diy toddler football shirt long sleeve

Since we’re in Massachusetts I used red, white, and blue as my colors (like the New England Patriots)… the front boasts the team logo, but that’s far too simple for a personalized shirt so I put a little quote and image on the back too. That little star in the football is the cut out from the logo on the front– waste not want not, people!

Don’t forget, when using HTV you always want to feed the vinyl shiny side down into your Silhouette and mirror the image. Here’s a screen grab of what the logo looked like in my Silhouette software:

New England patriots logo for t-shirt

See- backwards. This is super important, because it gets flipped back to normal when you iron it onto the shirt. Everyone’s iron is different, but for me I used a low steam setting and pressed hard for about a minute/minute and a half on each section I transferred, with an old towel acting as a buffer between the shirt with the HTV and the iron. Once it was cooled I turned it inside out and ironed from there too- I don’t think that’s necessary, but it just gave me piece of mind that it was on there good and strong.

New England patriots toddler shirt

Can we talk for a quick second about how difficult it is to get a non-blurry picture of a 2 year old? Holy cow! This is the best I could do, and he had to have his goat. Then I caught the back when he went to “go get eggs” from his DIY play kitchen. I just want to squeeze his cute little face. This kid can bring me pretend eggs all day long.

New England patriots long sleeve toddler shirt

I think he’s ready for some nachos and a big foam finger, don’t you?!!


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3 kids wearing football shirts
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