Wainscot for the Half Bath!

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Thanks to Matt’s lovely family we had enough money in gift certificates to enter THE FINAL PHASE (please, read that epically) of the half bath redo! Woot woo!

When I last left you, our bathroom was looking like this:


The room used to have painted contact paper on the lower half and when Matt tried to remove it the wall came off as well. No bueno. We decided to leave it as is and cover it with wainscot, so two days ago I purchased two of these bad boys:

The whole kit & kaboodle all in one!

For some reason wainscot was crazy hard to find in person, so we ordered it online (free shipping at least) and it’ll be here in a few days. I contacted our handy dandy friend (who helped with our kitchen sink and built in shelving) and he’s agreed to come on board once again.

Here’s my best guess at what’s still to do:

  • remove current baseboard
  • install wainscot
  • possibly paint wainscot (I think it may just be primed)
  • paint vanity and mirror
  • decorate

Hope fully it’ll be done in a few weeks!


And one last thing, would you pretty please vote for me to win an Epic Room Makeover? All you have to do is scroll down to the entries here and click the little star under entry #36- no log ins, no connecting to Facebook, just a teensy tiny little click! 


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