Wainscoting in the half bath

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Working on the half bath has been spread out over many, many months- but my goal is to have it done by the end of this month because I now have the tools to complete it myself. Holler!

Let me run you through the steps we’ve covered so far.

This is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in:

very before

The half bath is in the basement, and was poorly DIY’d by the previous owners. The bottom half looks like painted wainscoting but it isn’t. It’s painted textured wallpaper that was bubbling and peeling. And the yellow top half was so bright it was almost offensive.

Matt set about to remove the wallpaper and found that in removing it he was also ripping off the drywall- no bueno. We changed our plan of attack from removing the wallpaper and painting to removing what we could, adding actual wainscoting to cover the mess, and repainting the top half. With some gift certificates we bought 2 of the following:

kit info

All of the pieces in the kit fit together, the wainscoting is groved to lock in, and the bottom trim is groved so the wainscoting tucks into. The top molding requires finishing nails to add the final touch.

Matt & his friend Nate spent a day cutting it down to size and putting it up, they got about halfway done:

hammering in

The bottom trim got liquid nailed to the wall, then the wainscoting parts fit right into it (also liquid nailed to the wall), then it all got finishing nails to make sure it extra fit. Even just the left side and back wall took hours– it’s not hard work, but it is tedious work. So since October it’s looked like this:

left side

Well I’m sick and tired of imagining what it will look like when it’s done, and I got real sick and tired of waiting for someone else to do it- so I messaged my blog friends, we picked out a jigsaw, and it arrived in the mail on Saturday! I’m going to finish this job my damn self. WORD.

Since I’ll be doing the rest myself I’ll be able to provide a much better how to and some more in depth pictures, so stay tuned!!

Here’s what I’ve got left to do:

  • put up wainscoting, trim, and molding  on the other half  of the room
  • prime and paint all the wainscoting (white)
  • prime and paint the vanity and light fixture white (not seen)
  • decorate! ….with horror movie posters. because I promised Matt the downstairs was his.

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