When Good Projects Go Bad

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You guys. I haven’t done a real project in so long that it seems now everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

At the end of this month my nephew turns one and I’ve decided to follow suit with a million other bloggers and build him a bitchin play kitchen (also, apparently I’ve decided to start rhyming). I’ve been working on the darn fridge for like a week and it’s still only halfway done… it should have taken no more then 2 days.

Because he’s just turning one it isn’t a completely age appropriate gift yet, but I figure he’ll have it there when he’s ready. My goal is to give give him the fridge by his birthday, then the cabinet and sink by Halloween (mainly because he’s getting one of my faucets when we redo the bathrooms).

Here’s what we started off with:

I picked up cabinets at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for about $40  (that includes this piece above and the not-shown sink area). First things first, I removed all the hardware and took off the door. Next, I spackled and sanded the areas that looked rough, sharp, or cracked. Once that was done, I brought out the Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint. Then things went horribly wrong.

I put three light coats of paint on the door. Nothing. Then I put another light coat…still nothing. Then I put an extremely thick fifth coat. NADA. Then I emptied the whole damn bottle on the door and let it cure up overnight…. it did not do a darn thing. But it was a lovely shade of ashy gray? I tweeted Krylon asking for tips and advice and they just responded to call with the batch number because I must have gotten a defective can. However, if you read the reviews it appears no one has ever gotten it to work at all. I felt like my best friend was talking about me behind my back… Krylon is a legitimate name with a good reputation. Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!

I panicked and messaged my blog friends because if this darn thing isn’t magnetic I’m basically a failure at aunt-dom. Emma directed me to Rustoleum magnetic paint because her mom had used it with great results, and Kenz backed it up saying Young House Love used it too (duh! how did I not remember that!).

The Rustoleum paint is THICK. You need to stir it for about 15 minutes, then give it a good occasional stir as you’re painting. I used a foam brush to coat it on, 3 coats about an hour apart each. I gave the frame an extra fourth coat too because the back is  exposed wood and it really seemed to soak the paint up.

I recommend you do this outside if you can. It smelled PUNGENT. I didn’t realize this until I had already set up shop in the kitchen so I just opened all the windows and turned the fan on.

Once it was dry I called Matt in for backup- he’s much better with hardware then I am.

I got a 5in. handle off Amazon (this one) then we measured, drilled a pilot holes, and checked that it was all lined up (spoiler alert: it wasn’t. the door is now curing up some wood filler and we’ll try again tonight).

After failure #2 I moved outside to prime and paint the inside. And you know what kind of primer I got? Krylon. Which did nothing but sputter and spit everywhere. WTF. My best friend betraying me again? I was so hurt. I sanded down the drips and just went ahead with a light coat of leftover Rustoleum aqua paint from my DIY sunburst mirror. Here’s where I’m at now:

So here’s what I’ve accomplished successfully so far:

  • spackled, sanded, and primed with magnetic paint
  • sprayed the inside and shelves with one coat of leftover aqua paint

And here’s what I’ve got left:

  • 1-2 more coats of aqua spray paint on the inside
  • redrill the holes for the handle
  • spray paint the outside
  • add a touch light and door shelf
  • build up confidence to create the rest of the kitchen

You guys, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? This project is a real no brainer and I am an absolute disaster Please, share your project horror stories below.


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