13 Places to Buy Used Baby Items Online

Used baby clothes in a crib

Of course we all want the best of everything for our kids and the thought of buying second hand gear for our little angels may be hard for some parents to swallow.

But when you start to add up all the expenses associated with raising a child it becomes apparent that finding ways to cut corners may be a necessity if you want to have any money left over to send little Bobby to college one day.

There are some items that you should never buy used, but things like clothes, cribs and designer carriages are perfectly safe to purchase used – and you can save up to 70%  doing so.

Even your cheapskate husband can’t deny you that $800 jogging stroller if you can get it for %70 off!  That’s practically like someone is just handing you a stack of crisp hundred dollar bills… Right?

Here are 15 great places to buy used baby gear online:

long sleeves onesies for babies

Varage Sale

Varage Sale is a site that stands for virtual garage sale. This is an online site and App that connects you to local people in your neighborhood that may need to sell used baby gear. You can browse and sell items at your leisure and find great prices near you.

What makes Varage Sale better than site such as Craigslist is that you have to connect with your Facebook profile, which creates less potential scam opportunities. The other advantage of Varage Sale is that the sellers have ratings. Thus, if you feel a particular seller is not right for you, then you can elect to not do business with them

Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great resource for local parents to join together on common issues that they are facing. While there are many purposes for Facebook Groups for local parents, one is to advertise used gear for sale so that both the family selling can make money and the family that needs the gear can save money. Many times, you will be able to save 50 – 75% on baby gear this way


If you are not quite able to leave the house yet, it is best to look at a consignment store such as Swap.com. At a store such as this, you are able to browse and sell used items. What is great about this site is that it is organized by size, which will be the most time efficient for you


eBay is an exceptional website to find a wide range of products. That being said, they have a spectacular selection of baby gear that can allow you to save a great deal of money on the product.

If you already have feedback on eBay for other items, this is a great way to easily buy and sell baby gear online. Another great aspect of eBay is that they use PayPal religiously, which makes for a more secure transaction overall

Baby Outfitter

Baby Outfitter was created by Kate Upshaw who claims to be a children’s book, clothing, and toy shopaholic. Her site now sells many secondhand products that range from blankets to books. Every item is shipped for a flat fee. This is a great site to explore if you would like to replace your children’s toys, books or movies and would like to save money while doing so.

Swap Baby Goods

baby crib filled with stuffed toys

This site is a great forum that is designed to allow parents to list items for sale or swap. The person who lists the item assigns the value and can offer other users the choice between trading and/or buying the item outright for the price listed. Listings range from products such as: feeding, furniture, strollers, toys, bouncers & swings, and bedding.


This website originated from New York City parents that wanted to sell high-end designer baby products that they had invested in. On ReCrib, you will find cribs that range from DucDuc, NurseryWorks, Stokke, and Bloom.

Additionally, you will find strollers from brands such as Quinny, Peg Perego, Bugaboo, and Maclaren. Furthermore, furniture from major brands such as Pottery Barn and West Elm are commonly found on this site. Thus, if you are looking for nicer items at an affordable price, this site is a great resource to you.


Even though Craigslist has a bad reputation in some industries, there are still deals to be found there. It is wise to look for baby gear there and to meet the person publically to purchase it or sell it. This will allow you to get great deals on the items that you need for your child.

Offer Up

Offer Up is a sensational App that requires no membership fee. What Offer Up does is allow individuals to list items that they are selling locally. For those wishing to sell furniture items, this is a great place to do so because there are many buyers that are in your local area that you can sell to.

How the App works is that you set a price and then others bid on it based on what they can afford. You, then can choose who you would like to sell to. Offer Up is a great way to both buy and sell products for great prices.

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Encore Baby Registry

Encore Baby Registry is not a place to buy used products. That being said, it is a place where parents can create a wish list of what they need for a baby shower, let’s say and then can give the list to friends and family. This is a great way for parents to get what they want and need rather than a bunch of gifts that are nice decoration, but are not what they actually need to care for their child.


This site is a new addition to the scene, but is also another place where parents can buy and sell used baby gear. What makes StorkBrokers truly unique is that it also has forums where parents can discuss common parenting issues.

This is a great addition for new parents to not only save a great deal on baby gear, but it is also a way to grow as a parent while you shop and apply that advice to help you as a new parent.


thredUP is a neat concept in that parents stuff a certain sized box with as many clothing items as possible. Then, they provide a description of what is inside the clothing box. Buyers can then shop the box’s contents and purchase whichever box meets their individual needs. There is merely a $5 service fee and a $10.95 shipment fee and in exchange, you must post a box of your own on the site for another parent to take.


Overstock.com is every parent’s dream because they are able to get affordable baby goods that are new for the price of used products. On Overstock.com, it is possible to save up to 70%. Additionally, they send 12% coupons by e-mail every month. Thus, be sure to use these coupons to your advantage and you will be able to save a great deal of money on your baby’s products.

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Used baby clothes in a crib
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