Cute Woodland Animals Coloring Pages

If you want your kids to be comfortable with wildlife, introduce them to different animal species early on. Now, you could do that by visiting the local zoo or looking for wildlife during your regular walks. But these woodland animals coloring pages for kids certainly show more species than you’d find in urban environments. With that in mind, you can use our printables to teach toddlers, kindergarteners, and preschoolers alike about woodland wildlife. You’ll find various birds, mammals, insects, and even a frog or two depicted in fairly simple art styles below.

Woodland animals coloring pages
Friendly finch coloring page

Friendly Forest Finch

Frog on lily pad coloring page

Woodland Frog

Woodland owl in flight coloring page

Woodland Owl in Flight

Forest deer with antlers coloring page

Forest Deer with Antlers

Cute woodland robin coloring page

Cute Woodland Robin Singing

Smiling bear taking a walk coloring page

Smiling Mr. Bear

Cute squirrel stalking an acorn coloring page

Squirrel Stalking an Acorn

Deer calf coloring page

Deer Calf Walking in Woods

Crazy rabbit doing a handstand coloring page

Crazy Rabbit Doing a Handstand

Crazy dancing squirrel coloring page

Crazy Dancing Squirrel

Curious bear cub coloring page

Curious Bear Cub

Dapper duck coloring page

Dapper Duck

Embarrassed bunny coloring page

Embarrassed Bunny

Excited chipmunk coloring page

Excited Chipmunk

Sad woodland frog coloring page

Forelorn Frog

Happy ladybug coloring page

Happy Ladybug

Cute bear cub in the grass coloring page

Cute Bear Cub in the Grass

Cute bird coloring page

Cute Baby Bluebird on a Branch

Cute bird flying coloring page

Cute Baby Bird in Flight

Cute Baby Sparrow Perched on a branch coloring page

Cute Baby Sparrow Perched on a Branch

Cute chipmunk with nuts coloring page

Cute Baby Chipmunk

Cute deer with butter fly coloring page

Baby Reindeer & Butterfly

Cute deer eating coloring page

Baby Reindeer Eating Leaves

Woodland fox coloring page

Sly Woodland Fox

Happy frog on lily pad coloring page

Happy Frog on a Lilly Pad

Cute baby mouse with glasses coloring page

Cute Baby Mouse With Glasses

Cute baby mouse with cheese

Cute Baby Mouse With Cheese

Cute girl owl in tree

Cute Girl Owl in a Tree

Cute baby porcupine coloring p age

Cute Baby Porcupine

Happy woodland rabbit coloring page

Happy Woodland Rabbit

Baby bunny in a hole coloring page

Baby Bunny In Hole

Baby bunny holding a carrot coloring page

Cute Baby Bunny Holding Carrot

Happy snake coloring page

Happy Snake in the Grass

Jumping frog catching a fly coloring page

Jumping Frog Catching a Fly

Happy squirrel with nuts coloring page

Happy Baby Woodland Squirrel

Happy bird on a branch coloring page

Happy Woodland Bird on a Branch

Cute squirrel with nuts coloring page

Cute Squirrel with Nuts

Happy ladybug coloring page

Happy Ladybug

Baby porcupine coloring page

Baby Porcupine

Happy snail coloring page

Smiling Snail

A Very Happy Turtle

Cute hopping bunny coloring page

Bunny Hopping in Meadow

Sleeping coloring page

Sleeping Red Fox

Happy butter fly coloring page

Happy Butterfly Flapping Wings

Cute bear coloring page

Cute Bear Cub With Honey Pot

Get Your Kids to Love the Great Outdoors With Woodland Animal Coloring Pages

Most adults enjoy hiking through wooded areas so we know exactly how magical nature can be. Unfortunately, not all kids get the opportunity to experience the same thing. Unfortunately, some parents are too busy to pack up and drive to the nearest national park at a moment’s notice. So how can we make our kids interested in Mother Nature?

If you have really small kids or toddlers, the printables we’ve included should start the process. You’ll find the names of the animals depicted in the drawings below each image. So if your child wants to know more about the animal they’re coloring, you could easily look it up.

Alternatively, you could play an educational YouTube video on the subject.

Many children’s television channels now have segments during which they play footage of animals in the wild. You can also put on Animal Planet and let your children color as they watch the program. Or if you don’t want them seeing the circle of life in action, just play cartoons featuring animal characters instead.

Who can resist a classic Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny episode?

While your kids are coloring, you could also explain some of the common associations we have with various woodland animals. For example, if your child is coloring an image of a frog, tell them the story of the Frog Prince. If they’re doing an owl coloring sheet, explain the connection between the bird and the Ancient Greek goddess Athena.

More Woodland Animals Coloring Pages for Kids

You might have noticed that most of the coloring page examples above show only one character surrounded by empty space. On the one hand, that could leave space for your child to express their creativity by drawing the scenery. But you could use other printables too:

Woodland animals coloring pages
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