You Don’t Have to Like Every Trend

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Trends come and go and before you hop on board, really think about if you want to get in on it.  And by get on it- I mean spend money on it. There are some trends I can’t stand, there are some I like but not in my home, and there are some I HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT NOW.

For example:

  • chevron, aka, zig zags. Meh. I think it’s cute, I have a few little chevron accents here and there in the form of a storage basket and a small metal planter. But a whole wall? It’s just not really my taste.
It looks so so sweet, and I can totally appreciate the massive amount of time it took, but I just don’t think I’m that whimsical of a gal. (But you should totally check out Michelle’s blog anyway, because her bathrooom redo- I DIE.)
  • emerald green: Pantone’s color of the year was emerald, and I’ve seen some real awesome pieces of furniture and stenciled walls lately. But there’s no green anywhere in my house, and I’m not about to change my who decor direction to be stylish for the year.
emerald green table
Holy crap did Jenny knock it out of the park with this faux malachite desk DIY- but this would never work in any room I’ve got. I would find a way to make those chairs work though. I WOULD FIND A WAY.
  • two tone kitchen cabinets:light colored uppers, dark colored lowered. The things my dreams are made of. I would die for white uppers and slate gray lowers, but that’s a house #2 dream, not right now but I’ll never let go….
clean kitchen
I love Ashley’s kitchen so much. It’s so opened, and contrasted, and fantastic.
  • Hexagons: I think this is going to be a big trend, up and coming right now. And imma get my hands on it realllllll soon. Because it makes my heart jump up and down.
hexagon design wall
SHINY AND HEXAGON? Oh yeah. I’ll see you soon good lookin.

What trends are love it or leave it for you??


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