Zipper Face Make Up Tutorial: A Halloween Costume Recap

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We love, love, love Halloween around here so even though it’s over I thought I’d throw up a quick tutorial on how I put together my costume- this year I dressed up at the worst ballerina you’ll ever meet.

I didn’t intend to do this post so these are all cell phone pics from our party- if anything is unclear just leave your questions in the comments. 🙂

Zipper face ballerina and zombies ate my neighbors Zeke Halloween costume

I wanted to try my hand at some special effects make up so I decided to unzip my face. Originally I was going to wear a hospital gown and be some sort of mental institution patient, but then I remembered the creepy ballerina from Cabin in the Woods and thought that was totally the way to go.

My cute husband dressed up as Zeke from the Zombies At My Neighbors video game- he likes to keep it easy and comfortable!

So… should you ever want to unzip your own face, it’s actually easier than you may think!

Step 1 - Zipper face Halloween make up tutorial

Adhering the zipper to your face is easily the most difficult part of this costume. I used a real zipper (purchased on Amazon) and adhered it with A LOT of spirit gum. You really need to load on the glue and give it the appropriate amount of time to try- especially because you need to be able to open and close your mouth. I adhered it with my mouth open so it’d have some give.

To use spirit glue, paint it on your zipper and on your face then give it 30-60 seconds to get tacky, place the zipper on your face and hold it on tight for another 1-2 minutes. Do this in small 2-3 inch sections slowly working your way from the top of your forehead down to the bottom of your neck. You can either cut it off there, or just tuck it in to your shirt.

Step 2 - Scary bloody Halloween face make up

I wanted to go with a sort of burned/charred look, so I used my eye shadow brush and dabbed on a layer of grey eye shadow. I then used a make up wedge to apply matte red lipstick on top of it. Finally, I used a glossy red lipstick to add some depth and shiny spots. None of this was Halloween costume make up, just stuff I have on hand and use on a daily basis.

Step 3 - Zipperface make up tutorial after

After I had the eye shadow and 2 red lipsticks on, I caked on some dried blood make-up I got at one of those pop up Halloween stores. I just sort of smashed it onto random spots on my face, and it dries almost instantly- especially with the stickiness of the lip gloss.

And that’s it! You’re ready to creep your friends out!

Zipperface and wolf attack little red riding hood

My friend Kelly went as a wolf attached Little Red Riding hood and her make up was so much more amazing than mine, I wish I had a closer picture of it.  It took me about an hour to do my make up, and a good 20 minutes of that was just slowly adhering the zipper. Kelly’s took about an hour and a half- she had much more intricate shading.

What do you dress up as??


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